Needs Analysis for the Expecting Mother

Needs Analysis for the Expecting Mother

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Did you know our bodies are not symmetrical? Did you know we have some muscles that are stronger on one side? Did you know that everyday stress on the pregnant body creates tightness in some muscles more than others? Did you know every person has muscular and skeletal imbalances?

Some of these abnormalities and imbalances can make us more prone to injury, can create problems for us as we age, or just cause everyday pain. They can even cause different aches and pains during pregnancy for women.

Did you know that the majority of these imbalances can be corrected with exercise even during pregnancy? That is what the needs analysis is here to reveal to me! By performing these tests it will help me learn about your body's current imbalances that must be addressed in your training in order to avoid making your imbalances even worse and helping you have a more functional and ache free pregnancy.

If you will not be getting your training personalized by me to enhance your pregnancy, while increasing your body's overall functionality in everyday life, It is still immensely important to know where your body is doing well or lacking in order to make the necessary changes to make your pregnancy easier!

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