About Melissa Letellier

Fun facts:

  • 4th Degree Black Belt

  • 2 Florida State Championship Titles in Sparring (2007 and I believe 2008)

  • 1 Bronze Medal from the World Championships in Sparring (2007)

  • In 2016 I had the USAPL 72kg Collegiate record for my 137kg squat (303lbs)

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For far too long Melissa made the mistake of portraying aesthetics as the number one goal in fitness. With many other fitness professionals in the industry sharing the same beliefs, she thought that was the norm.


Within time, Melissa felt like a liar, a sell out, and so she decided to put an end to it. Movement is greater than aesthetics.

The exercise you do now will either make or break you at 80 years old. It’s Melissa’s belief that when you move with a PURPOSE whatever physical appearance you desire typically follows. One’s #1 priority should be to move the body you've been given better throughout your 20's, 30's, and beyond.


Melissa prides herself in showing others how placing too much emphasis on aesthetics can hurt their future self. We achieve this by using real science, not bro science. Fitness is not aesthetics, it's movement and every subcategory under that. ⠀


Melissa has a bachelors of arts in International Relations and Political Science with a minor is business.  She also has a bachelors of science in Exercise Science with a Minor in Dietetics and Nutrition.⠀Most recently, she earned her Masters of Science in Kinesiology.

She does have plans to pursue a doctoral degree, and is currently working on some projects to help her build up her resume for the doctoral applications.  Unfortunately building an online fitness business, doesn't cut it! So research it is! The goal is to start by fall 2020 and be done by 2025.⠀


She is an @NCSF_Certified personal trainer and is also certified in Olympic Lifting (level 1 and 2), Kettlebell Level 1, and Taekwondo Level 1.⠀


While her academic education in fitness goes back 6 years, her experience goes back 20 years.  When she was younger she did a little bit of everything. Gymnastics, soccer, dance, swimming, and martial arts.  As she grew up, she ended up stopping everything to focus on tae kwon do (because who doesn't prefer what they're best at).


Before she even realized fitness would be her life, it was a huge part of it.  She found her way back into fitness after the freshman 30 hit her like a ton of bricks. Eventually helping people on their own path, she said to herself "What would be possible for my life and the lives of others if I actually took the time to learn REAL fitness?". She knows in her heart God has put her on this earth to make a difference in people's lives through fitness and by breaking bro science stereotypes that clutter social media.

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