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Personal Coaching

Let me be your Personal Coach

About My Coaching: I do not simply put random exercises together or pretend to make personal programs that in reality are cookie cutter. I cater my program and fitness coaching specifically to you and your body. Before I even begin writing your program I will ask for you to complete my needs analysis that will let me know which muscles are tight or weak. I will then create a program that will help fix those imbalances while reaching your personal fitness goal! My personal programs range from $50 to $175 a month. Interested in working with me one on one? Fill out the following questionnaire

Fill out the following questionnaire


My e-books are unique in that they are created 100% by me! A fitness professional who’s knowledge goes beyond a CPT (certified personal trainer) and into a bachelors of science in exercise science with a minor in nutrition and dietetics, and is currently working towards a masters in Kinesiology. These e-books are a great starter guide for those looking to start with the basics, but can also be used by intermediate and advanced gym goers! They are different from my personalized coaching as they are more generalized, yet specific in the type of e-book (Lower Body, Upper Body, Total Body, and Abs) that can also be done together in a total body package! Let me help you reach those goals with my digital programs complete with picture and video demonstration, step by step guides, and instant download to your phone, tablet, or desktop. They are also available internationally!