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Like my bio said, there was a point in time where I was fit before entering college. After gaining my “freshman 30” I was desperate to lose the weight. I tried cutting back on carbs, tried portion control, tried cutting out all processed foods, gnc meal replacements, tried eating snack like portions every 2 hours to “jumpstart” the metabolism, did the “paleo” diet for a while, you name it, i tried it. What did all of these attempt have in common? They failed miserably for me. The methods led me to binge because of intense restrictions, feel starved all day long, or made me look even more bloated! My other issue was meal prepping. Making work and school a priority, meal prepping all of those meals at 2-3am gets tough and really difficult to maintain. So I tried, meal delivery programs, which were great, but ate up my entire paycheck. Long story short, I was approached by someone about herbalife, and 4 years later hear I am! Because the products fit so well to my crazy hectic lifestyle it has been incredibly easy for me to maintain my 25 pounds fat loss. I have also been able to take my athletic performance to a whole new level with the herbalife 24 line and what I love most is that herbalife was never presented to me as a quick fix, but as a lifestyle change. My journey as an Herbalife coach have been incredibly blessed to personally coach well over 150 lives changed and goals met because of these products. Are YOU ready to make your change not only with my fitness programs, but my nutrition programs?

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